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Holy Family

The acorn and the pumpkin.

God does what He does well.
Without looking for proof
In all this universe, and going through it,
In pumpkins I find it.
A villager considering
How large this fruit is and its stem small:
“What was the Author of all this thinking about!
Has He placed this pumpkin in the wrong place?
I would have hanged it
From one of the oaks here.
That would have been just the thing:
Like fruit, like tree, to do it right.
It is a pity, Garo, that you did not enter
In the council of the one your priest preaches;
Everything would have been better: for why, for example,
The acorn, which is not as big as my little finger,
Doesn’t hang in this place?
God has misunderstood: the more I contemplate
These fruits thus placed, the more it seems to Garo
That a quid pro quo has been made.”

This reflection embarrassed our man:
One does not sleep, he says, when one has so much spirit.
Under an oak tree he immediately goes to take his nap.
An acorn falls: the nose of the sleeper suffers.
He wakes up; and, putting his hand on his face,
He still finds the acorn caught in the hair of his chin.
His bruised nose forces him to change his language.
“Oh! Oh! he says, I am bleeding! And what would it be
If a heavier mass had fallen from the tree,
And that this acorn had been a gourd!
God did not want it: without doubt He was right;
I see now the cause.”
Praising God for everything,
Garo returns home. (La Fontaine)

God has wisely ordered all the beings of creation: the immense bodies of the stars and down to the infinitely small beings.

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