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The Holy Family - Jesus, Mary, Joseph

An intelligent man’s judgment on Darwinism.

Dr. Sebastian Brunner, a well-known Austrian author and preacher, summed up his opinion of Darwinism, which claims that man is descended from the ape, in the following two words: “I cannot believe that man is descended from the ape, but it seems very true, that many men turn into apes.”

Not from the monkey, but from the pig.

In an inn an apprentice tailor was trying to get noticed by defending Darwinism and claiming that man descended from the ape. A master tailor, who was both practical and full of common sense, was in the game. This good man knew of the debauched life of the apprentice and looked at him fixedly and said: “When you see the life that some people lead, you could be tempted to believe that they are descended from animals. Having said that, I would not decide for the monkey, but for the pig, because they live like these muckrakers. This is also why they would like to derive their origin from animals.” A general laugh followed this lesson and our Darwinist champion ran off confused.

A man who lives like an animal finds no difficulty in admitting that he derives his origin from some antediluvian monster.

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