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The Holy Family in Prayer

Sign of true holiness

St. Basil, visiting the monasteries in his diocese, asked the abbot of one of these monasteries if there was anyone among his monks in whom it could be seen more clearly that he was one of the predestined. The abbot presented him with one whose simplicity was admirable. The Saint ordered this monk to fetch some water; as soon as he had brought some, the Saint said to him, “Sit down, this is to wash your feet.” He consented, without making the least resistance, to see the great Basil perform this work of humility upon him. “Here, said the Saint afterwards, is a man who is truly dead to his own will and judgment. It is with reason that he is looked upon as predestined.” The next day, seeing that this religious entered the sacristy, he brought him to the altar and ordained him a priest: he was indeed a holy priest.

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