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The Holy Family in Prayer

The good fruits of temptations

Saint Alphonsus Liguori remarks that the Lord always has in view to detach us from the things of the earth, and to make us desire more ardently those of heaven. “Good souls, he says, seeing themselves assailed at all times and in all places by so many dangerous enemies, are bored with life. They long for the hour when they will be able to sing with the Prophet: The net is broken, and we are delivered. They would like to fly to God; but they are held back on earth, unceasingly subject to temptations, waiting for the hour to leave it to come at last.” We must bear them to the end with patience and resignation, full of confidence in the mercy of God, who will not only never allow us to be tempted beyond our strength, but will also give us the grace to acquire new merits, and thus multiply our reward in heaven.

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