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The Holy Family in Prayer

A beautiful example

A virtuous girl who served in a respectable house edified many by the promptness, exactness and joy with which she obeyed everything she was ordered to do. One day, while she was sweeping an apartment with great care, she was shedding tears. A doctor who passed by noticed this, and said to her: «You are crying: what cause of grief do you have? Has someone perhaps said or done something to make you sad? – No, Sir, she replied, I would be wrong to complain, for all the people in the house where I am give me marks of kindness that I do not deserve. I will tell you my secret, since you want to know it: I once attended a mission; the missionary to whom I went gave me a practice of piety that I will never forget; I try to be faithful to it, it is very salutary. My daughter, he said to me, do as perfectly as you can, for the love of God, everything you are commanded; and while you are doing what you are commanded, humble yourself a lot. You see that I am sweeping; I do it as well as I can to please the Lord, whose place the person who told me to sweep holds, and as I sweep I say to myself: I need to be as zealous in cleansing my heart of the stains of sin as I am in making this room quite clean; this is what makes me weep.» The doctor was moved to tears, and edified much in telling what he had heard.

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