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Our Lady of the Assumption

Trust of Blessed Alphonsus Salmeron.

Alphonsus Salmeron had a lifelong filial devotion to Mary. It was to her that he had recourse in all his difficulties, and to her, no doubt, that he owed the great enlightenment which made him the admiration of the Fathers of the Council of Trent. His humility made him refuse the first dignities of the Church, and, in this respect too, he showed himself to be the child of the most humble Virgin. He had often said that Mary was present at the death of her servants, just as she was present at the last breath of Jesus; he deserved to see her at his deathbed, and he expired crying out: “In Paradise! in Paradise! Blessed be the time I served You, O Mary! Blessed be the preaching, the toil, all that I did and suffered for You, O my Queen! …. In Heaven!”

Oh, how sweet it is to die, when one has loved Mary from his tenderest youth! Live in such a way that you will experience this at your last hour.

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