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Our Lady of the Assumption

Mary’s promises justified.

Our enemy sometimes changes himself into an angel of light to frighten the most holy souls; but we must never despair of his salvation. This assurance is especially appropriate for the servants of Mary. St. Bernard Tolomei, founder of the Fathers of Mount Olivet, had neglected no means to honor the Mother of Jesus. One day he felt extraordinarily troubled at the thought of not being saved eternally, and of not having obtained forgiveness for his sins. God sometimes allows these great storms to test our faith, and then crown our faithfulness. But these distressing thoughts increased in violence from moment to moment; the Saint was overwhelmed by them, when his good Mother presented herself to him. “Bernard, what are you afraid of? The past? God has forgiven you; the present? your life is pleasing to Him; the future? I will never fail you, My child.” At these words, St. Bernard Tolomei felt consoled, and he experienced, in life and in death, the truth of Mary’s promises.

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