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Divine Child Jesus, I love You with my whole heart

The irreligious banker.

A rich banker went bankrupt. Three clients who had entrusted him with their capital, met shortly afterwards and talked about their misfortune. “He has,” said one of them, “cheated me for 80,000 francs. – Me,” said the second, “it’s worse: I’ve lost 100,000. And what about you? – Me, answered the third, I am only there for 10 francs. – How did you do it,” exclaimed the two others in amazement, “you who had always deposited such considerable sums in this bank? – I withdrew my deposits in time.” The other two wanted to know the reason for this withdrawal, and they had the following answer: “One day I read in a newspaper that our banker had made a speech in which he had mocked God, faith and the Church. I concluded that my money was not safe with such a man, for such people are capable of anything; and I withdrew my money.”

People without religion cannot be relied upon.

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