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Divine Child Jesus, I love You with my whole heart

Missionaries in the tropics.

If we believe in the testimony of honest men, we must believe in God.

In past centuries, when most men knew only their own part of the country, a European missionary once told the people of an equatorial country that in his country the water became strong enough in winter to carry an elephant. His listeners, who had never seen anything but liquid or boiling water, found it very difficult to admit this, but since they considered the missionary to be an honest man, they believed in the truth of the fact he had told them.

The testimony of God still outweighs the testimony of a man.

Pythagoras and his disciples.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras was so highly esteemed by his followers for his wisdom and character that they believed everything he taught. When one of his disciples disputed an opinion, it was enough to say to him: “The master has said it”, and no one questioned the truth of the assertion.

How much more must we believe in the Son of God, who can neither deceive nor fall into error.

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