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To Mary, help of sinners

Prayer by St. Alphonsus Liguori. Let us recite it with great fervor and contrition to obtain forgiveness for our sins.
Behold, O Mother of God, there prostrate at Thy feet a wretched sinner who turns to Thee and puts all his trust in Thee. I do not deserve even a single glance from You, but I know that since You saw Your Son give His life for sinners, You ardently wish to help them. O Mother of Mercy, consider my misery and have mercy on me. I hear You call to all of us the Refuge of sinners, the Hope of the unfortunate who are reduced to despair, the Help of those who are abandoned: be therefore my Refuge, my Hope and my Help; it is for You to save me through Your intercession. For the Love of Jesus Christ, help me, extend a helping hand to an unfortunate person who, after his fall, commends himself to You so that You may help him to rise again. I know that, whenever possible, You are pleased to come to the help of a sinner; help me, therefore, now that You are able to do so. I have lost both grace and my soul through my sins; but behold, I place myself in Your hands; tell me what I must do to recover the grace of my God, and I will do it without delay. It is He who sends me to You that You may assist me; He wants me to have recourse to Your Mercy, so that I may be helped in the great matter of my salvation, not only by the merits of Your Son, but also by Your prayers. Well then! I have recourse to You; pray for me to Your Divine Son, and manifest all the good You do to those who trust in You: I dare to hope that I will be heard.

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