The Apostles of Infinite Love

of the Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God

The Apostles of Infinite Love

The Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God, established in the Province of Quebec since 1962, is also known by the name: The Apostles of Infinite Love. They were legally recognized as of 1963. Since 1973, they possess a federal charter for all of Canada, and one for the Province of Quebec by virtue of the Religious Corporations Act. The Apostles of Infinite Love are also recognized in Canada as a registered charity. Here in Canada, we labor mainly in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

Our Religious Order also possesses charters in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. It is recognized in Guadeloupe and in France, and established in Italy and in South Africa.

The Mother House and headquarters are situated at 290 7e Rang, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec J8E 1Y1. The chapel is open to the public and visitors often join us in prayer, especially on Sundays, during the periods of liturgical feasts such as Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, and during the Marian feast days of the Assumption and the Nativity of Mary. Each year, either singly or in small groups, retreatants come to stay on the Monastery grounds over a longer or shorter period of time, in individual little houses destined for visitors.

Besides adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, prayer, study and work of all kinds, the Community lends itself to all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Its main objectives are the preservation and teaching of the Christian Faith and charitable works of all kinds: assistance to the poor, teaching to children and adults, care of the sick and the elderly, aid to families, etc.

Here in the province of Quebec, among other houses, we have the House of Bread located in Quebec City, where since 1976, our Sisters provide hundreds of destitute people and families every day with food and care. At the Mother House in Mont-Tremblant and other nearby houses, very substantial food baskets are distributed each week to many families; we are often able to give clothing and shoes, and toys for children. These works are made possible thanks to the donations of benefactors who know and support our charitable activities.

Religious teaching is given in our places of worship and through various programs of instruction: sermons, conferences, courses, retreats and spiritual direction. It is also given largely and especially through the distribution of our books and magazines, prepared and printed at the Mother House of the Community.



Photographical Overview

Procession at the Monastery of the Apostles.

“We are gathered together here to be united to Jesus our Saviour, our Redeemer, who died for us on the cross to save souls.  He is the Good Shepherd who wants to associate us to His work of salvation continued throughout the ages.”  (Father John Gregory)


Assisting Holy Mass in the chapel of Jesus Crucified at the Monastery of the Apostles

“Our entire life must be oriented toward God.  We will rejoice throughout all eternity for having acted in this manner.”   (Father John Gregory)


Brothers' Monastery

“The love of God is a fire that is maintained, that increases with the fuel of all the little things we do to submit to the holy Will of God, it is all the acts of virtue.”  (Father John Gregory)

“Our Lord said to us in the Gospel, Go and teach all nations.  He did not tell us to go and convince, but to teach, to convey His message, to sow the good seed.  Men can accept the Divine Word or not; that is their concern.  God makes the good seed grow in well-prepared hearts.”   (Father John Gregory)