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The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gift of Wisdom makes us know, love and savor eternal truths.

The gift of Understanding makes us love the mysteries of faith and penetrate them as far as human weakness permits.

The gift of Counsel leads us to conduct ourselves with prudence amidst the darkness and perils of this life and to always do the divine will.

The gift of Fortitude enables us to triumph over the temptations of the devil and the difficulties of virtue. It fills us with courage to face the world and boldly profess our Faith.

The gift of Science enables us to be convinced of our own nothingness; to see all things according to the Spirit of God; to despise the vanities of the world which alienate us from God and put our eternal salvation in danger.

The gift of Piety leads us to love recollection, prayer, contemplation and makes us serve God with joy.

The gift of Fear of God makes us flee with horror from anything that might displease God. It is the filial fear of the child who, out of love for his father, seeks to give him honor and delight.