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The twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The fruit of Charity unites me to God through love and makes me love my neighbor as much as myself, because God considers as done to Himself all that we do unto others.

The fruit of Joy fills my soul with the consolation of being agreeable to God.

The fruit of Peace produces in me the tranquility of the soul, which seeks to do good and avoid evil.

The fruit of Patience makes me bear humbly all that might oppose my particular tastes and interests.

The fruit of Benignity leads me to relieve the needs of my neighbor and to forgive him when he offends me.

The fruit of Kindness makes me beneficent to all, especially to those who are not in a position to repay my kindness.

The fruit of Longanimity makes me not repel any delay; it makes me suffer without complaint the hardest trials of life.

The fruit of Meekness appeases every movement of anger in me, stops every murmur, and suppresses every susceptibility in my relations with my neighbor.

The fruit of Faith commits me to believe, with firm assurance, the word of God and leads me to submit humbly to the teachings of the Holy Church.

The fruit of Modesty regulates my attitude, my behavior, so that I am always a source of edification for my neighbor and never lead him to sin.

The fruit of Continence makes me keep a just reserve in my desires, in my ambitions, in the use I make of temporary goods.

The fruit of Chastity keeps my body in the holiness which is appropriate, because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.