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Notre Dame du Laus

The Rosary of King Louis XIV

Louis XIV, one of the greatest kings who ruled France, had the pious habit of reciting the rosary every day. Father de la Rue, of the Society of Jesus, tells us that one day when he was admitted to the audience of this prince, he found him reciting his rosary. As he showed him his surprise and the feelings of edification with which he was imbued: “Don’t be so surprised, said the King, I pride myself on saying the rosary every day; it is a practice I have inherited from the Queen, my virtuous mother, and I would be troubled if I failed to do it for a single day.”

It is undoubtedly to this devotion, so persevering in honor of Mary, that this prince owed the happiness of confessing his errors, of making reparation for his wrongs towards the Sovereign Pontiff, and of dying a good death, after not always having set the good examples required by the high position to which Providence had raised him.

(Father Huguet)

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