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Sacred Heart of Jesus

Humility of the Heart of Jesus.

One day, after having manifested His power to His faithful servant, Angela of Foligno, the divine Master said to her:

“After you have seen something of My power, you must see My humility.” I looked, the Saint relates, and saw Him descend so low for love of men, that He seemed to me to have fallen to the bottom of an abyss. Then comparing to His power that I had just seen such a deep annihilation, I remained all amazed. Then, seeing that I was nothing, and that I was nevertheless proud, I began to judge myself unworthy of receiving such a humble God, and I did not want to receive communion any more. After having thus shown me His power and humility, He said to me, “My daughter, there is no creature who can see these things to the extent that you have seen them, unless God raises his intelligence by a very special divine grace.” At that time a mass was being said; when the priest was at the elevation, Jesus said to me, “My power is now on this altar; but it is also in your soul. When you receive Me at the holy table, you receive Him whom you already possess. Receive Communion then, My daughter, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; I who am worthy, make you worthy.” His conversation ended there; but it left me with a consolation that I believe I will keep for my entire life.

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