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The Holy Family in Prayer

Little John’s kiss

On returning from a stroll, little John, having entered a convent with his mother, saw a nun cutting up hosts, which had been made that very morning with very white flour. The child, having heard that these hosts were to be used at the next day’s Mass, suddenly became quite serious. Then his face lit up with an angelic smile, and, approaching the table where the large and small hosts were, he kissed a large one with infinite respect. “But, my little John, said the nun,the good Jesus is not in there! – I know that, said the child in a gentle voice, but He will be there tomorrow morning at Mass, and I want Him to find there the kiss of little John. – Why, added the mother, did you choose a large host rather than a small one?” And the child replied, “It was to make a bigger kiss.”

John of B. was then only four years old. Today he sees the little Jesus in Heaven. For death took him from his mother at the end of his eighth year.

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