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Our Lady of Purgatory

Forgiveness, a powerful means of relieving souls

A good widow had only one son, who was unfortunately killed by her enemy. The murderer, fearing to be caught, hid himself; but, although he thought he was safe, his whereabouts were known, and not only the widow but the judge was informed. Already the archers were on their way to take him, when this generous woman, stifling all feeling of revenge, sent him to save himself as soon as possible. And to make it easier for him, she made him give money and the very horse of her son, whom he had so cruelly murdered. After that, she began to pray for the soul of this dear son, whose salvation was then all that was in her heart. No sooner had she begun her prayer than he appeared to her resplendent with glory, and assured her that as a reward for the charity she had just exercised, God had promptly delivered him from the flames of purgatory, to which he had been condemned for several years. Judge from this how much power a single act of heroic charity has with God, and how effective it is in appeasing His anger.

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