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The Holy Family in Prayer

Jesus, Mary, Joseph!

I give you my heart, my spirit and my life!


Litanies are, in the Catholic tradition, repeated and chanted invocations of requests addressed to God, the Virgin Mary or the Saints. This type of prayer was in use among the Jewish people at the time of Jesus. Saint Paul in his letter to Timothy recommends liturgical prayer in the form of “supplications”. We find litany prayers in the oldest traditions of the Church which used them for example, during public processions, to ask for the cessation of a plague or to thank Heaven for a miraculous intervention.
The Litanies are strongly recommended for times of calamity. So often in the history of humanity, the Litanies have obtained miraculous help from God.
The Litanies are also part of certain solemn liturgical ceremonies of the Catholic Church. Thus the “Litanies of the Saints” are sung at the Easter Vigil, at baptism ceremonies, at priestly or episcopal ordinations and at All Saints’ Day.

  • Litanies in honor of the Eternal Father

    Composed at the request of Saint Margaret d’Youville
    Let us unite ourselves with Our Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect Praise of His Father, to invoke in His name God the Eternal Father, and implore upon us the effects of His mercy and infinite goodness. Let us also unite ourselves to the ineffable feelings that the august and immaculate Virgin Mary, the most perfect of His creatures, had on earth for this holy Father.

  • Litanies of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

    These Litanies, also called "of Loreto" are the earliest and most official in the Church. By singing the praises of Mary, Mother of God, we dispose Her to obtain for us all the graces necessary for our soul.

  • Litanies of the Love of Mary

    Let us say, in the form of prayers, all the reasons why we love our good Mother.

  • Litanies of Our Lady of La Salette

    Litanies in reparation for our sins and those of the whole world. To ask for mercy and forgiveness.

  • Litanies of Our Lady of Fatima

    To thank the Virgin Mary for the message She gave us in 1917 at Fatima.

  • Litanies of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

    In praise of God whose most beautiful masterpiece is the creation of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

  • Litanies of Saint Joseph

    To ask Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, spouse of the Virgin Mary, protector of the Holy Church and of Christian families, for his favor and all necessary graces.

  • Litanies of Saint Michael the Archangel

    To ask for the intercession and protection of Saint Michael, the most powerful of the Angels.

  • Litanies of the Holy Angels

    Let us ask the Holy Angels to protect and guide us on the path to Heaven, our destiny.