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Holy Family

Air, its gravity; heat; gravitation.

The whole universe is admirably organized for the maintenance of man and other creatures. How can we explain without divine intervention the curious mixture of oxygen and nitrogen which is necessary for the respiration of man and animals? How can we explain the fact that on the surface of the earth, this air has precisely the gravity required for our organism? If it were lighter, the blood would flow out of our pores; if it were heavier, it would crush us. – It is no less wonderful that the temperature of the earth is exactly adapted to animal and vegetable life, which would perish if we had the hundreds and thousands of degrees of heat of other stars. Let the unbelievers explain why the gravity is just enough measured not to tie us immobile on the ground, nor to launch us in the space.

This organization, which presupposes a plan elaborated with immense wisdom, demonstrates that it was created by an infinite Intelligence that conceived and executed it. One is compelled to cry out with the Psalmist: “How great are Your works, O Lord! You have made all things with sovereign wisdom.” (Psalm 103:24)

Neither dogs nor cats believe in God.

At a meal attended by many guests, a young freethinker showed his unbelief and sought to dominate the audience by professing atheism. His neighbors made it clear that they did not share his ideas and found little taste in such conversations. “Am I the only one in this house who does not believe in God? – Pardon me, sir,” said his neighbor, “you are not alone; our host has dogs and cats who do not believe either, but they lack the word to boast of their free-thinking.”

Atheists are like animals without intelligence. The atheist is basically worse than the brute, for the latter sometimes clings to his master, while the atheist denies his.

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