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Our Lady of La Salette

The best of all mothers helps a poor Mom.

But our eyes are drawn to a region far from the place where this scene took place, Lebanon is the land of prodigies: we are shown a small church that the inhabitants of the mountain have dedicated to Mary under the title of Liberator. A woman enters, bringing a dying child: she has just consulted a religious who is well versed in the medical sciences, from whom she asked for remedies. The answer she received only made her aware of her son’s desperate condition. So she came to the shrine in tears, laid her baby on the cold slab and, listening only to her pain, complained to Mary: “Our Lady Liberator, is it not to Your protection that I owe this only child? Why should I let him perish when You can save him? O Our Lady Liberator, deliver me!” Having said this, she left the dying child there, and, to be freer to give vent to her tears, she went to sit outside the chapel.

However, the merciful Virgin, Our Lady Liberator, had lowered on her one of Her pitying glances; for soon after, when the poor mother returns to her son, she sees him all soaked with sweat: she takes him with emotion in her arms, carries him to the one whose answers had once desolated her tenderness, and receives the assurance that the child is out of danger.

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