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Our Lady of the Rosary

Infallible power of the Holy Rosary

More and more eager to propagate devotion to the Holy Rosary, Saint Dominic would have wanted to travel the world to teach it to all men. In Lombardy, he converted one hundred thousand heretics by this means. He himself spent a great part of the nights reciting three Rosaries: one for himself, another for sinners, and the last for the souls in purgatory. All his life, he faithfully applied himself to this practice, even when work and fatigue overwhelmed his body exhausted by penance. During these three Rosaries, he always gave himself a bloody discipline. And how successful he was in his apostolic endeavors!

One day, while he was preaching on the seashore to a huge crowd, pirates seized him and kidnapped him in full view of the people, who were unable to rescue him. Such a tragic event provided him with the opportunity for new conquests. For a furious storm having risen by a divine disposition, put the vessel at the brink of its loss. Then these men, all of them Mohammedans, implored Dominic’s assistance from God. The Saint first made them renounce Mohammed; he urged them to ask for baptism, and to embrace the practice of the Holy Rosary. Once these three things were obtained, he miraculously calmed the storm and the ship landed in Brittany. There he baptized his new converts and established for them the Confraternity of the Rosary.

Admirable conduct of Providence, which delivers the Saint into the hands of his enemies, in order to make of them friends of God and servants of the Queen of Heaven! Let us become ourselves, like Saint Dominic, zealous propagators of the devotion of the Rosary. In this way we will ensure the salvation of all those to whom we will have effectively taught it.

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