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Our Lady of the Rosary

“By the Hail Mary, sin will be destroyed!”

In a village in Walloon Brabant, a man who indulged almost daily in the greatest excesses of drunkenness and never ceased to blaspheme, fell ill after remaining some years without approaching the sacraments. Attempts were made to convert this unfortunate man, but in vain. When all efforts failed, the Rosary was recited for him. A person who was interested in the fate of this sinner, went to him, pressed him in every way and could obtain nothing.

Finally, after having urged him for a long time, she said to him: “I only ask you one thing, and I will leave you alone. Recite a Hail Mary with me.” She dared not ask for more.

The sick man consented, recited the Hail Mary, and immediately he was all changed. He asked for a confessor, confessed his faults to him, received the sacraments with the most edifying piety, and died with the best of feelings. Oh, the power of the Angelic Salutation! After having begun our Redemption, it continues it in all the centuries by unheard-of prodigies.

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