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Holy Family

The incorruptible thumb of Saint Edith.

Daughter of the Anglo-Saxon king Edgar, Saint Edith used to draw the sign of the cross often during the day on her forehead, on her lips and on her heart, especially before her work and before each of her outings. When, 13 years after her death, her remains were moved to a more honorable place and her coffin was opened, her body was found to be dust, except for the thumb of her right hand, with which she had so often made the sign of the cross during her life. God showed by a miracle how pleasing this exercise of piety is to Him.

The sign of the cross is very pleasing to God because by making it one honors the mystery of the Redemption which is the greatest proof of God’s love for mankind.

An episcopal blessing with the family.

Bishop Dinkel (+ 1894), Bishop of Augsburg, used to spend the night at the home of a count of his friends on his confirmation tours, and after supper he would talk with the family for a while. One evening, the youngest child, feeling sleepy, went to his mother to ask her blessing. “Today,” replied the mother, “the Monsignor has given us all a blessing.” The child was not pleased, returned to ask for the blessing, saying, “Mother, that was not the real blessing. – Well,” said the bishop, “show me once how the blessing is given?” The child fetched some holy water, dipped his finger in it, and made three crosses of it on the prelate’s forehead as he said the consecrated words. The bishop was very pleased with this blessing given by an innocent child; but the child did not want to go to bed until he had been blessed by his father and mother.

May many parents imitate this example, for the prayers and blessings of parents are of extraordinary effectiveness. It is helpful to sign oneself and one’s family often with the sign of the cross.

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