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The astronomer and the globe.

The learned astronomer and physicist, Athanasius Kircher (+ in Rome 1680), had a friend who denied the existence of God and claimed that the celestial bodies had spontaneously produced themselves. One day when this agnostic came back to the Jesuit’s study, he saw in a corner a magnificent globe. “Who,” he asked Father Kircher, ”made this globe? – No one; it is of himself. – You are making fun of me! – No, I’m not. If the immense globes of the firmament were not created, why does it take a craftsman for this little ball?” The libertine went away confused and obliged to confess that his principle was absurd.

The existence of God is deduced from the existence of creatures.

Schiller’s poems produced by chance.

A so-called free-thinker once claimed in the presence of a priest that the world is the effect of chance. “Ah!” said the priest, “do you also know how Schiller’s works were produced? I will tell you. Schiller had in his study a large pile of paper. Flies, which by chance had legs full of ink, wandered over this paper, and the lines that resulted from this, gave pieces of verse. Science has shown that Schiller had nothing in common with their composition.”

If it is absurd to believe that Schiller’s poems are the effect of chance, and not of the poet’s intelligence, it is still more absurd to believe in the fortuitous origin of the universe without the assistance of divine Intelligence.

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