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Holy Family

The genius of Napoleon.

In his exile of Saint Helena, Napoleon, returned to himself, liked to discuss subjects of philosophy and religion. General Bertrand, one of his intimates, was an unbeliever and said one day: “God? What is God? You have never seen Him. – You have not, replied Napoleon, seen my intelligence, and after my feats of arms and my victories, you spoke of my genius. And yet what are my works compared to the works of creation? What are my most brilliant maneuvers compared to the movement of the stars? If from the wonders of human activity you conclude to a high intelligence which you do not see, why do you not want to infer from the magnificent spectacle of the universe to an invisible Creator?”

How just is the word of the Psalmist, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament declares the work of His hands.” (Psalm 18:2)

The journey around the world.

Suppose a ship had set sail from Trieste, passed through the Straits of Gibraltar, rounded Cape Horn, crossed the Pacific Ocean, sailed past Australia and the Indies, and returned to Trieste through the Suez Canal, and someone claimed that this ship had made this crossing at the whim of the winds. Who would not consider this statement as nonsense? Everyone will admit that a well-tried pilot steered the ship. The same is true of the orbit of the stars, which execute their revolution with mathematical precision: it can never be explained apart from an infinite Wisdom.

From the order of creation we must conclude that there is a supreme Engineer.

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