a glimpse of our foreign missions
Mission des Apôtres à Bonao

In a very underprivileged area of Sonador, our religious have built a monastery,
from where they serve the
surrounding population.

Familles de la Colonia del Sonador

Not being able to count on anyone's help, these folks look upon the Fathers as
envoys from heaven.

Défrichage du terrain

Living poor among the poor, our Fathers work hard using the most rudimentary tools.

Construction du monastère à Bonao

The construction of the monastery
in Colonia del Sonador, Bonao.

Le ciment est coulé pour la toiture

Pouring cement for the roof.
Neighbours come to trade their services
for food supplies.

Finition des murs

Finishing the interior walls with methods dating back to biblical times.

Transport des sacs de riz

After a round at the market,
return to the mission loaded with sacks of rice to feed the poorest people.

Le cheval de la mission

A borrow horse serves as a tractor when there is extra transport to be done.

Distribution de nourriture

Distribution of food to needy families.
These products are given to us by benefactors with compassionate hearts.

Don de linge à une dame de Bonao

At any moment, one can knock on the door of the Padres who do the utmost to meet the needs of the moment.

Pauvres de Bonao

Alas, our rescue capabilities are far from adequate for the magnitude of the needs.

Pauvres de Bonao

Faced with the suffering and deprivation of some of our brothers, could we still complain?

Soin d'un bébé

A Father takes care of a sick baby. Parents can't afford clinic fees.

Soin d'un malade

Just before dying on the cross, Jesus washed the feet of His apostles. Then He said to them, I have given you an example, that you may do as I have done.

Distribution de nourriture par les Apôtres à Bonao

The preparatory catechism course for First Communion and Confirmation.

Voiture prise dans l'eau

When it's the rainy season, the consequences are unpredictable. Little Padres have magical resources and know what to do in any situation.

Ravages causés par une inondation

Severe flooding ravaged the property and caused damage to the Monastery. Our Fathers cleared the grounds and dug ditches.

Cours de religion et enseignement

How much the stories of the Padre captivate these youngsters! One never tires of hearing the stories that stir the imagination and ignite a great ideal for good.

Bonao, quelques enfants de la Colonia

After the catechism lesson, a snack prepared by the Padres with a mother's thoughtfulness! One goes home with a full belly, a happy heart and a willingness to do good.

Travaux chez les Apôtres de l'Amour Infini en République Dominicaine

It's only fair to give the Padres a hand. Established in La Colonia for more than 40 years, they share the poor and simple life of the locals.

Leçon de catéchisme

Religious and moral instruction, indispensable for an honest and happy future.

Nettoyage de la pelouse

The boys like to make themselves useful. Parents are delighted that their children are safe and well cared for.

Leçon de catéchisme

An important bonus is that the children won't be hungry when they get home.

Les enfants reçoivent des cadeaux

The children are proud to show off the little gifts received as a reward for their good behaviour.

L'heure de coloriage à Bonao

How much one loves to color these beautiful pages! Inspiring images, which, while teaching Christian values, stimulate talent and develop healthy discipline.

Distribution de vêtements à Bonao

Distribution of clothing to families. These articles were sent free of charge from the United States and Canada.

Visites avec des gens de Bonao

It does so much good to the soul, and even to the body, to come and see the Padres and to hear about the promises of Heaven.

Célébration de la Messe, Sonador, Bonao

Celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass for the good people of La Colonia. They can attend because there is no money collection!

Chemin de la croix Vendredi Saint

Good Friday in La Colonia. -- Meditation of the Way of Cross.

Première Communion à Bonao

Children filled with happiness as they receive their First Communion and... delighted with their beautiful gowns!

Cérémonie de confirmation à Bonao

A bishop came from a faraway country to give Confirmation to a few teenagers.

Extrême Onction

The priest gives the Sacrament of Extreme Unction to a dying woman and prepares her to appear before God. Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, says Jesus.

Distribution de nourriture à Bonao

Food distribution time is always a major attraction. Gratitude from the poor is our best paycheck.

Bonao, quelques amis

Some regulars of the mission who are happy to rely on the Fathers' help in all their needs.

Visite de réconfort

Pastoral visit in the homes.
Spiritual help always goes hand in hand
with temporal help.

Distribution aux pauvres par les Apôtres de l'Amour Infini

Comfort visit to people's homes and sharing some groceries.

Bonao, quelques enfants

For the holidays, children are proud to wear a uniform that makes them look like angels.

Bienfaiteur transport

A kind-hearted benefactor offers us free shipping of supplies for our mission in the Dominican Republic.