a glimpse of our foreign missions
Porto Rico, première cabane

In Fajardo, the first residence of the Missionary Fathers. Later, while the Fathers occupied the mission of Gurabo to build a convent for the nuns, the nuns stayed in this same shack.

Construction de la chapelle

In Fajardo, the Fathers are working on the construction of the chapel.

Chapelle Fajardo

The chapel “Madre de Dios” almost finished.

Chapelle Fajardo

Palm Sunday precedes the feast of Easter. It is the beginning of the Great Week in which we commemorate the infinite sufferings of Jesus our Saviour.

Porto Rico, Dimanche des rameaux

On Palm Sunday, the procession is a reminder of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Porto Rico, ouragan

Hurricanes often batter the Caribbean. In addition to high winds, torrential rains cause much destruction.

Porto Rico, pose du clocher après l'ouragan

After the passage of a hurricane, our Fathers hastened to replace the storm-damaged cross on the chapel tower.

Bénédiction d'un nouveau-né

The bishop blesses a newborn baby
he has just baptized.

Porto Rico, de fidèles amis

In Puerto Rico, some faithful friends
and supporters of the mission.

Fabrication des croix

Making the wooden crosses that will be used for the Way of the Cross on Good Friday.

Chemin de Croix, Vendredi Saint à Porto Rico

On Good Friday in Puerto Rico, many of the faithful carry the cross on their shoulders,
in memory of Jesus, carrying His cross,
on His way to Calvary.

Chemin de Croix à Porto Rico

At each station, the procession stops for the traditional prayers of the Way of the Cross.

travaux à la source

We dug a well and installed a water tank. Drinking water is often in short supply, especially during hurricane season.

Récolte des bananes

In Gurabo, the banana harvest. We planted several fruit trees on the properties of both missions.

Visite à un malade

Visiting a sick person to comfort him by administering the sacraments and temporal and spiritual help.

Chargement de provisions pour missions

Loading of provisions for other even more needy missions.

La quête

The nuns travel the island of Puerto Rico each year distributing the Magnificat Calendar.

Une bienfaitrice fidèle

It is a powerful means of apostolate and the alms collected allow us to continue.

Amis dévoués de la mission.

Friends from the mission. They come to pray and receive religious instruction.

Porto Rico, Dimanche des rameaux

Property maintenance. Necessary work, without glitter, which reminds us of the hard work of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Nazareth.

Récolte des bananes

Growing fruit trees requires a lot of work.

Les poules

A few hens provide excellent eggs for the missionaries.

Brossage du toit

Cement surfaces must be brushed regularly as mould accumulates.