a glimpse of our foreign missions
Père Jean-Grégoire et la famille Calle

Father John Gregory with the benefactors who donated their property for the foundation of the mission in Gualaceo.

Père Jean-Grégoire baptise un bébé

Father John Gregory, wearing a stole woven by natives, baptizes a newborn baby.

Corvée pour ramasser les pierres

A team effort to collect stones to be used in the construction of the church. Everyone is happy to contribute.

Faute de grue, on se débrouille

Don't we have the luxury of a crane to haul a concrete slab? There's strength in unity, and we all get there together.

Au pic et à la pelle

The work is carried out with enthusiasm. It is for Our Lord and the Padres, who pay largely through their selfless service.

Un missionnaire et des gens

The good people of Gualaceo are sincerely attached to their Canadian missionaries.

Un Père travaille aidé par des gens

Without a solid foundation, the first house threatens to collapse. The congregation helps the Fathers to build a new house.

Les Soeurs font leur part

Cuenca. The nuns put their efforts into setting up their new convent in a house donated by a benefactor.

Polissage du plancher de béton

Construction of the church in Gualaceo. When they are not busy with the ministry, the Fathers work with the workers.

La fondation de l'église

Gualaceo. With very basic means, we are working at strengthening the foundation of the new church.

Mise en place de la structure de métal

The church of Gualaceo will be the fruit of a great collective effort. An engineer is supervising the work. Sometimes, the municipality lends a mechanical shovel and its operator free of charge.

Corvée pour le coulage de l'escalier principa

Work to cast the main staircase of the church. With limited means and a lot of dedication, excellent results are achieved.

L'église de Gualaceo

San José Mission in Gualaceo. The faithful are assiduous in attending this church which they have largely contributed to build.

Devant l'église de Gualaceo

Near the brand new church, Father Mathurin and some members of the San José Mission in Gualaceo.

Moment de détente

A moment of relaxation with the good people of Gualaceo.

À la montagne avec des amis

On an apostolic tour among the inhabitants of the mountains, dressed in the elegant traditional costume.

Distribution des calendriers

A nun offers a calendar. Small merchants contribute to the support of the missionaries.

Au marché

At the market, traders swap the religious calendar for fruit or vegetables.

Leçon de tricot

Knitting lessons for teenage girls who spend time with the nuns during vacation.

Distribution aux familles

Distribution of basic necessities to families in need.

Un pédiatre bénévole

A physician volunteers his expertise to the children of workers' families.

En transport grande vitesse

High-speed transportation to reach the homes of people who require the services of missionaries.

Sur un pont de fortune

Our nuns on a makeshift bridge. One must have a strong heart and stomach to venture there.

Chez des pauvres

In an indigenous village, the Sisters bring hope and comfort to underprivileged families.

Visite à une patiente

A nun cares for a lady who's in convalescence. Our Community helped to provide her with the necessary care after a tragic accident.

Derniers sacrements à un mourant

Called to the bedside of a dying man, the priest administers the sacrament of Extreme Unction and prepares him for death, which will lead him to his eternal destiny.

Un Père visite les pauvres

The native villagers are always happy to welcome their Father in Faith and to receive comfort and spiritual guidance.

tremblement de terre 2016

April 2016. An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 followed by 713 strong aftershocks devastates the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas. Some coastal towns are completely destroyed.

tremblement de terre 2016

The disaster area is more than 400 miles away from our missions. Over 600 miles of roads have been destroyed. Our missionaries are organizing a supply convoy that will take more than 16 hours to reach the area.

tremblement de terre 2016

Drinking water, fruit, rice and even chickens! The friends of the mission participated in the chore to clean them. A refrigerated truck was lent to the Fathers and the police escorted the convoy to its destination.

tremblement de terre 2016

Nearly 29,000 homeless people are camped in makeshift tents, without water, electricity or means of communication.

tremblement de terre 2016

Here we see the supply truck. The supplies are being distributed to those who have been hardest hit.

tremblement de terre 2016

Many have lost everything but their lives. They must rebuild anew. The missionaries' help rekindles hope.

Dons de nourriture aux pauvres

In the convent of Cuenca: Weekly distribution of food and basic necessities to families.

Dons de nourriture aux pauvres

There, as everywhere else, the good Lord spoils us and provides for our needs. It is a pleasure to share the gifts of Providence.

Chemin de croix vendredi-saint

Way of the Cross, Good Friday in Gualaceo. Loaded with the different instruments of the Passion, the faithful go up to the church.

Construction d'une église à Machala

In Machala, in the eastern and torrid part of Ecuador, our missionaries built a church to serve the region.

L'église de Machala

Mashala. Simple and well open, because the heat is often atrocious, the chapel of the Dolorosa is very well attended.

Procession chez les Apôtres de l'Amour Infini en Équateur

A procession crosses a district of the city of Machala. Prayers spread blessings and graces along the way.

Première communion à Machala

A First Communion ceremony in the Church of La Dolorosa in Machala.

Première communion à Machala

The children come in large numbers
to the catechism classes, which are offered
to them at a minimal cost.

Première communion à Machala

It is an honour for these faithful to carry in procession the statue of their Mother and Queen.

Dolorosa de Quito

But the Marian title most dear to the heart of Ecuadorians is that of the Dolorosa. In 1906, in a college in Quito, a painting of this Virgin came to life, opening and closing its eyes several times.