a glimpse of our foreign missions
Guatemala 1976 - Ravages du tremblement de terre

A small example of the rubble that covered the San Andrés region after the earthquake of February 4, 1976.

Le camion et les matériaux donnés pour Guatemala

We ourselves carried, from Canada to Guatemala, reconstruction materials donated by generous benefactors.
The truck was also donated.

Pelles reçues en don du Canada

The workers are eager to try out the shovels that they received as a gift from Canada.

Plan et administration Guatemala

San Andres Itzapa. Blueprints and administration in a makeshift shelter.

Direction des travaux par les Pères

Our Brothers lead the clearing and rebuilding chores. They work with their own hands alongside the disaster victims.

Reconstruction San Andres Guatemala

The wall sections are prefabricated in series. With their homes destroyed,
the workers eat and camp in relief tents
on the construction site.

Reconstruction, Guatemala 1976

One after the other, small houses arise,
to shelter so many stricken families
and give them hope.

Maisons reconstruites

The little town is starting to take shape.
As a house gets a rooftop, a family
rushes in to take shelter in it.

Père Joseph de l'Immaculée

Father Joseph of the Immaculate, o.d.m.
One of the pioneers of the mission.
He took great care to cultivate the fruit trees on the property, to ensure the future
of the Community.

une des maisons bâties par les Pères

We pose proudly in front of one of
the 2,000 houses built by the Fathers.

Maisons bâties par les Pères

In the background: some of the 2,000 houses built by the Fathers are still standing after more than 40 years.

Mission à Guatemala

The monastery in Santa Elena,
where our Fathers share the poverty and simplicity of life of the inhabitants.

Maison des religieuses, Guatemala City

An overview of the state of the nuns' house on their arrival in the capital.
Several restoration chores have made
this "convent" somewhat habitable.

Buanderie à la mission de Guatemala

The luxurious nuns' courtyard
and the ultra-modern laundromat!

Une religieuse répare une crevaison

Flat tire on the road. A challenge among many others!.... It takes more than that
to destabilize our nuns.

At the mission to fetch wood and water

Neighbours come to the mission to fetch wood for cooking and especially running water... which is rainwater collected in the big "water tank" on the roof.

On creuse un puits à la mission de Guatemala.

In San Andrés and several other places, wells have been dug with pickaxes and shovels, as the shortage of drinking water is a fact of life.

On creuse un puits à la mission de Guatemala.

Another well dug by the Fathers.
To find water, they had to dig 23 meters deep! (75.5 feet)

Santa Elena, on creuse un puits

In Santa Elena too, where drinking water is scarce, a well is being dug. Basic relief, which many people are gratefully benefiting from.

Famille de Félix avec Père Jean-Grégoire

A committed family who, since the beginning of our missions in Guatemala, have offered us the support of
their hearts and arms.

Père Jean-Grégoire en visite au Guatemala

Father John Gregory, visiting our missions, gave the confirmation to the children.

Cadeau offert à Père Jean-Grégoire

To show their gratitude to our Father John Gregory, some natives offered him a beautiful woven piece.

Aumône aux pauvres

People in the neighbourhood know that they can count on the nuns for a little food or a comforting word.

Leçon de catéchisme à Guatemala

The catechism lesson outdoor.
Religious instruction offers these children the means to become honest citizens.

Au marché de Guatemala

At the market, a vendor contributes, with a fine melon, to supplying the missionaries.

Visite à des pauvres

In the Gospel, Jesus promises the poor man on earth, who has known pain without rebellion, an eternity of consolation and glory in Heaven. (Cf. St. Luke 16:25)

Distribution de chapelets

A brave lady filled with joy
as she receives a rosary from the nuns.

Visite à des pauvres

People live in great simplicity. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, says Jesus. (St. Matth. 5:3)

Déplacement à dos de cheval

Some villages are still only accessible
by foot or on horseback.

Cadeaux de Noël aux pauvres

For Christmas, simple gifts
give tremendous delight to these families deprived of the bare necessities of life.

Tortillas à la mode du pays

We're making corn tortillas,
the local style.

Un Frère fait le pain

A Brother bakes bread
for the needs of the three missions.

Don de nourriture aux pauvres

Poor families come to fetch provisions
from the Padre.

Excursion en vélos

Excursion with the great luxury of bicycles, gifts from Christians who give the example of evangelical charity.

Visite au bidonville, Guatemala

Our nuns visiting families in a slum.
The misery of these shacks
defies description.

Visite chez les pauvres

People are happy and honored
by the visit of the nuns who bring them material and spiritual support.

Jeunes filles chez les Soeurs au Guatemala

Our nuns in the company of
a few young girls draped in the shimmering colours of the traditional clothing
they have woven themselves!

Amis dévoués de la mission.

Faithful friends of the mission who do not count their time and effort in order to assist the Fathers and Sisters.

La semence du maïs

The sowing of maize, one of the staple foods of the Guatemalan population.

Groupe de fidèles à la sortie de la Messe

Some of the members, very happy to see Father John Gregory again, during an apostolic tour to our missions in Guatemala.

Visite à des pauvres

With people in need.
Who gives to the poor, lends to God,
says an old proverb.

Voyage à pied pour le ministère

In addition to our missions' chapels, our Fathers minister in a few other native communities scattered in the mountains.

Construction de la chapelle Notre-Dame de Guadalupe

On the top of a mountain, our Brothers built a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. There they regularly celebrate Mass and administer the Sacraments.

Nivellement du terrain

The chore of levelling -with picks and rakes- the ground around the chapel.

Sentier vers Notre-Dame de Guadalupe

This is the only path that leads to
the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
The people carried the materials to build their chapel on their backs.

Chapelle Notre-Dame de Guadalupe

The chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Proud of their church, the parishioners take care of the maintenance of the grounds.

Père Jean-Grégoire inspecte un puits

Father John Gregory inspects another well dug by the Fathers for the population around Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Procession en l'honneur de Notre-Dame de Guadalupe

A colorful procession in honor of
Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Chapelle de Jesus sepultado

Chapel of Jesus Sepultado, another place served by our missionaries.
Without charging a fee for our services,
we dispense the Sacraments.

Baptême au Guatemala

The baptism of a newborn baby.
The walls of the Chapel give a glimpse
of the poverty.

Baptêmes au Guatemala

A ceremony of several baptisms
in a native colony.

Quête à Guatemala

Our Sisters beg to provide for the
material needs of our missions.
The less fortunate are often the most willing to offer their support.

Las Posadas, Guatemala

The prayers of Las Posadas, novena preceding Christmas. According to Latin American tradition, every day a new station is visited to commemorate the journey of the Holy Family to Bethlehem.

Visite à une malade

Comfort visit to a poor sick woman.
Jesus considers as done to Himself
what we do for our neighbour:
I was sick and you visited Me.
(St. Matth. 25:36)

Visite amicale d'une famille indigène

The presence of the nuns
brings much joy and comfort.
God loves a cheerful giver. (II Cor. 9:7)

Bénédiction de camions de pompiers

Firefighters ask the priest to bless
their station and their firetrucks, to ensure Heaven's protection and help.

Première Communion à Santa Elena

First Communion in Santa Elena.
What a joy for the priest to present children's hearts to Jesus!

Instruction religieuse

Religious instruction to good folks.
In the Gospel, Jesus Christ gives as one
of the proofs of His mission:
The poor are evangelized!
(St. Luke 7:23)

Visite à des pauvres

I bless You, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the wise and prudent, and revealing them to little ones,
says Jesus in the Gospel. (St. Matth. 11:25)

famille et Pères

Country women, who know the hard work. They are proud to be photographed
with their good Padres.